About Us

The tale of how Belconnen Way was born…

There are a few straggly gumtrees. No street lights. Not even a house.

It is 1972 and local GP Bill Russell and his wife Yula are busy raising their family of three children. With not much more than an idea, they set about building their vision: a convenient home away from home for travellers, tradies and tourists.

They dream of a small family run hotel with regular guests, comfortable rooms, staff who care.

An easy and relaxed environment from which to set about your work day, accommodate your family, spend a little time in Canberra or simply get your job done. With people who know your name, who greet you warmly, who remember your preferences, ask after your family and make sure the rooms are clean and welcoming.

The Russell family has a vision.

We aim to be the number one provider of quality mid-level accommodation with an excellent reputation for delivering the best in customer service.

With a Board of Managers committed to the family legacy, a management approach that finds a remedy rather than a fault and staff who understand that when you help others, you help yourself.

We like to call it comfort with every bed.